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Blue707: Dan in Kindergarden.


a brief introduction

Once, there was a graphic designer with a great idea: Open a creative shop to rival the ad agencies — minus all the red tape and hype. Picture it. A solo designer with a wild imagination and some serious production chops. He named his business Blue707 because it sounded cool and uncommon. Over twenty-five years later, it still is.

Dan Mobley

that “creative” kid

Given a choice, wouldn’t you rather have a graphic designer who’s fun to work with? Someone who makes everything look good and keeps you grinning? Dan can take whatever you give him—a general direction, a sketch on a napkin, a meaningless shoulder shrug—and turn it into something unique and creative.

From thumbnail sketches to full production, he’s done it all. Quickly. Reliably. And just the way he said he would. The only surprise about Dan is that you’re not already working with him. This guy loves what he does. Better yet, so will you.

The Work

just a sampling

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